Philologist and Marketing & Advertising Projects Manager as a Profession. Passionate of classical literature and oriental culture. Irremediable organizer and addicted to brazilian zouk.


As an inquisitive child she always was highly active and quite inquisitive. At the age of 6 she trained in rhythmic gymnastics for 6 years then later pursued her interest in languages by the age of 12. In 2007 she discovered belly dance and was attending regular classes during two years.


She started dancing MZouk in 2009, when one of her colleagues at job told her about a trial lesson of a new and very sensual dance she was going to attend. After that first class some social dancing started and when she saw Antonio Hernández (ZoukDevils founder) dancing with Leticia Estévez (Spiral Dance) she felt in love with the dance and its sensuality. So she left her belly dance course to start learning MZouk.


While training and learning MZouk for a year and a half with Spiral Dance school, and then again in 2012 with Antonio from ZoukDevils she has always been a very active and social dancer.


Addicted since the beginning to zouk congresses and traveling whenever she can to cities like Berlin, Prague, Zürich, Dubai…she decided to take Zouk to the next level and support the growth of local dancing communities. She is currently the Secretary of the APZB (Association for the Promotion of Brazilian Zouk) in Spain, and member of ZouKDevils since 2013. Her aim has always been to promote and expand her passion for brazilian zouk and for this reason she has organized the following events:


* 1st Zouk Open Jack & Jill 2012 in Barcelona, together with Javi Santos

* 1st ZoukDevils & friends Summer Weekend (2013) en Mataró, with a great assistance and excellent feedbacks.

* 2nd ZoukDevils & friends Summer Weekend (2014), already established in its second edition as one of the most well-known international brazilian zouk events

* ZoukDevils & friends Summer Weekend 33 ⅓ , third edition of the event that will take place in Mataró from the 21st to the 25th July 2016.


In August 2015 she was asked by Antonio & Dj Nymf to join them in a new project they were going to start: ZoukCast, a weekly talk show with various Zouk guests dealing with different topics to provoke conversations that matter, and to foster learning, transparency and inspiration in the global Zouk community. And she is since then  in the production team, together with Xena Gi
With the clear objective of becoming a better dancer and following spreading the dance, she is attending nowadays the regular classes at NoLimits Dance Studio with Javi & Sam as well as some private lessons with ZoukDevils teachers.