Marcela is a curious, insatiable dancer. She is always nourishing her knowledge and looking for a way to improve, since she believes learning is a never-ending process.
She started dancing Lambazouk in 2007. She has taken classes with several teachers in Barcelona, London, and Buenos Aires. She has also been interested in other dances such as Belly Dancing, Forró and Samba de Gafieira.
In 2011, she took up Mzouk lessons with Daniel & Leticia at the Spiral Dance school in Barcelona. It was then and there where she found her soul mate: Zouk. Zouk completes her. It makes her feel free, powerful and wild at the same time. That is why she decided to do the Training Course for Mzouk Dancers and Instructors in 2012. The course helped her to improve her technique as a dancer, thanks to the different classes, such as contact improvisation, drama, ballet, contemporary dance, and Mzouk. In 2013, she became part of the Spiral Dancers Company and had the pleasure of performing several choreographies, in this way exploring her versatility as a dancer.
She is currently working as a dance couple with Antonio Hernández for ZoukDevils. They are filled with passion and commitment for dancing. Whether teaching, dancing or performing, they just complement each other perfectly.
Nowadays, she is also into Tango and Yoga, where she found her favourite complements for Zouk.
Look for copper hair on the dance floor, invite her to dance, and be delighted by the feminine energy, and the Argentinean elegance of this ZoukDevil