Diego González Zavala: ThelastZouk

Future 2.0 jurist: Law student in UIB. Crazy about Zouk, Custom Motorbikes, Rock. Absorbed by Internet and social networks and influenced at the same time by manga series and saga books. Natural born to organize events and lives.

His way thought life has been with more or less fortune but always he always remains true to his principles and ideas that he obtains through a detailed observation of reality and, at the same time, doing and abstraction exercise, trying to imagine how the observed reality should be.

MZouk burst in his life in an overwhelming way one summer night in 2001. Affected by its sensuality and versatility, Diego started to take some classes with Leticia Estévez. When Leticia moved to Barcelona, Diego decided to continue his training with M. Gêgê, MZouk style creator, and he attended his classes and training lessons from 2002 to 2007.

Since 2007 and after teaching basic, intermediate and advanced level in M. Gêgê academy, he started to do classes/courses/exhibitions in several academies, gyms, dance congresses, sports events, local television, youth centers… always with the objective of spreading MZouk to the limit and to transmit the ideals of his trainer and teacher .

During these years he was lucky enough to meet Antonio Hernández, also known as DarkZouker, with whom he shares a lot of points of view, both in MZouk and in other aspects of life. Thanks to this common way of perceiving MZouk, they decided to undertake this new project that consists on working with MZouk as they understand it, according to their way of feeling and living this dance. Diego believes that there cannot be a personal growth with ideas one does not share, this growth can only exit when one is sure that the way of working is the best one.

Nowadays, he is training his routines and teaching in a more or less regular way, both individual and group classes.