Antonio Hernández a.k.a. DarkZouker: rock music lover, former american football player, computer engineer, biker, and Zouk dancer and instructor.

He has an eclectic profile where his music taste and other hobbies and occupations don’t seem to fit together with zouk, but he argues that everything he has done and does in his life has a common characteristic: feeling.


Antonio fell in love with dancing any given day around the end of 2004, by chance, watching a couple dance when he was inside a bar he didn’t plan to go to, and during an improvised holiday in the island of Mallorca.


Immediately, after he went back to Barcelona, and with the happy coincidence that in that city there were one of the best Zouk couples of the world, he inscribed himself in the Daniel and Leticia‘s Spiral Dance school.


Without any defined goal apart from being a better dancer each day, Antonio was one of the first members of the Spiral Dancers amateur company, performing and teaching MZouk in important Zouk congresses and venues all around the world (Holland, Brazil, Germany, Czech Republic… and of course Spain).


He was trained by his teachers as Zouk instructor, and introduced many people from the Barcelona province to the Zouk world, including most of their mates inside the amateur company.


After six years inside the Spiral Dance discipline, Antonio founded his group called ZoukDevils altogether with his mate and “bro” Diego González back in 2011. They were trying to bring together all the peculiar different sides of their personalities with that project.


Under the flag of ZoukDevils Antonio started to work nationally and internationally to spread and make the world know about the MZouk technique, which created by mestre Jefferson Oliveira (Gegê).


In the year 2013 ZoukDevils organized their first international event at Mataró city (Spain). It was called 1st ZoukDevils & friends Summer Weekend, and it was successful in terms of attendance and also in terms of critique.


Since the fall of 2013 Antonio announced the separation of ZoukDevils from the MZouk family, due to political issues.


To date, he resides in Barcelona, Spain