Alba Asensio, MZouk dancer and member of ZoukDevils.

She started to dance at the age of eight, taking classes of contemporary, jazz and funky during a seven years period. At the age of fifteen she started to take classes of singing, acting, jazz and tap dancing too.

In the year 2007, and thanks to a co-worker, she discovered the lambada/zouk world, and got introduced in lambada by taking clases of different teachers from Barcelona.

A while after she met MZouk thanks to Daniel and Leticia, and she began taking classes in their school, Spiral Dance, where later she would be requested for the Spiral Dancers MZouk company.

After her stay in Spiral Dance she started to work as assistant and dance partner of another ex-member of Spiral Dancers, Antonio, founder of the ZoukDevils.

Nowadays, as member of ZoukDevils, she is trying to expand MZouk by teaching classes and making improvisation shows in different places of Barcelona and the rest of Spain. This year 2012 will be the beginning of her international work.