After several months of deliberation and numerous attempts to avoid this happening, ZoukDevils have made the decision of leaving “MZouk Family”. carcasa iphone x naranja It has not been an easy decision, given that we are united to this mentioned family by love, friendship and in some senses event paternal bonds, but we believe that it is the best decision we can make due to the current circumstances. The main motive of the leaving is the profound respect to mestre Gegê, creator of MZouk technique, to his objectives, principles and philosophy as well as to the rest of members of the mentioned family. Personal, professional and short&mid-term circumstances bring us to the firm belief that ZoukDevils will be able to work more and better for the Brazilian zouk world from the outside (but in proximity) with MZouk. Remaining inside their hierarchy and rules, impose us norms and deadlines that, despite not considering them erroneous or mistaken, we cannot assume at the moment without the work we are doing right now getting harmed in several ways. For all that, and due to the respect we want to preserve to all who are being absolutely faithful to the hierarchic and educational principles of MZouk and, above all, due to the profound conviction that there are different ways to be explored that will help us to transmit our enormous passion of this world to new students and thus develop in a better way Brazilian zouk scene both locally and internationally, from today onwards Zoukdevils will stop using MZouk brand as such. iphone se carcasa marvel During the following weeks we will be adapting all promotions, web page information, facebook and similar so as to reflect this new reality. carcasa iphone 6 con espejo Evidently we will continue professing the affection, respect and admiration that our professors Gegê, Daniel and Leticia and the great people that have shared career with us as colleagues deserve: not by stop using the word we neither can nor want to reject of the technique and the philosophy with which we have grown as human beings the same or even more than as dancers. ZoukDevils are not going to change in the fundamental. carcasa iphone 6 unicornio Nevertheless we would like to express our gratitude for all the support received by all MZoukers, especially for the great effort made by mestre Gegê to try to fit in our distinctive feature in the family he leads. We are also enormously grateful for the support he is giving us in this decision, and the one we are sure we will keep receiving from him in the future in case we need his guide. carcasa samsung s7 2017 We will see you in the classes and in the dance floor.