It only after time and coming to know God better that you see how much He loves you and wants nothing but good for His children. I spent way too many years projecting onto God my distaste for unjust rulers and father figures like we have on this Earth. The more you read and understand the Bible the more you unprogram your own and society ideas of what God is and see that He got it together like you wouldn believe..

As legal assistants, they are not expected to handle case litigations, but are relied upon to do the legwork of researching and documenting the information needed by lawyers for litigation support. Hence, they are expected to understand legal terminologies, as well as possess, relevant investigative skills while in the process of researching. In addition to their judicial know how, deftness with computer operations and office applications is essential, particularly in accessing databases that provide the pertinent information needed..

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Does it really cost $50/day per extra person? This is a genuine question. I could imagine that a reasonable estimate, but I also could see a single jail realize that if they already making food in bulk and have extra cells/space, then adding an extra 10 people is $500 for a negligent cost in food/cleaning (or at least less than $500). I really have no experience in this area, but could see that mentality being used in some cases..

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