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buy canada goose jacket It wasn’t Maldivians that wanted separation, it was the government and a few businessmen saying that they should be isolated,” Mohamed told AFP. “The Maldives can’t hide from the world anymore.”His three roomed Sundhara Palace located on a busy street of the cramped capital Male opened at the beginning of September, offering basic en suite accommodation for $30 a night.The cheapest resorts are usually about 10 times this, with prices stretching up to several thousand dollars a night with expensively priced food and drink on top.Mohamed stresses that the guesthouse policy is also “a good system to get money to the people instead of to wealthy businessmen”.A handful of well connected resort owners who prospered under the 30 year autocratic canada goose outlet store uk rule of strongman Maumoon Abdul Gayoom continue to control the Maldives economy and are active in politics.These oligarchs have united against Nasheed, who was ousted in February 2012 following a mutiny by security forces which he branded a “coup.”His efforts to return to power through the ballot box have since been thwarted with the country wracked by protests and uncertainty after the Supreme Court annulled elections he won on September 7.The court order came in response to a legal challenge from the third placed candidate Gasim Ibrahim, one of the country’s wealthiest tycoons who is in alliance with the Adhaalath Party.A re run of the polls has been ordered for October 19, with the British government warning travellers to avoid demonstrations and take precautions in the capital.If re elected, Nasheed has promised in to expand the guesthouse policy as part of his ambitious social and economic reform programme.”The industry is flourishing very rapidly. We feel there is so much more scope for that,” he told reporters days before voting in the first round of the election in September.One of the people to take advantage of the changes is Dutch tourist Chris Constandse, a 27 year old web designer who works for a travel website in Amsterdam.He booked a few nights at a hotel in the capital, but plans to spend the rest of his two week holiday staying in guesthouses dotted around the country of more than 1,000 islands.”Backpackers go to India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and I was like ‘I always canada goose emory parka uk do things different’, so I thought I’d go backpacking in the Maldives,” he told AFP shortly before leaving on a ferry for one of the nearby islands.”The most important thing canada goose uk price is that you get in touch with the people. buy canada goose jacket

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